Restaurant & Food Storage Solutions
Reduce monitoring costs and product spoilage with enhanced storage visibility via automated systems and critical excursion notifications
image of cost reduction when stop food spoilage
Cost Reduction

Save money by preventing food spoilage with critical excursion notifications and visual logger alarms

image of cloud platform across multiple storage units

Monitor multiple storage units with a single cloud platform to easily identify problems, like refrigerator door openings

image of ease-of-use with automatic logger controls, data and reporting

Spend less time on setup and daily processes with automated logger controls, data collection, and reporting

image of data tag showing problems with storage units

Use data tags to identify problematic storage units and to group logger data for advanced customized reporting

image of security related to data and reporting

A secure cloud environment and mobile app let you manage your data easily and safely

image CX Gateway and cellphone used to access information in InTempConnect

Gain visibility into your refrigerators and freezers with automatic excursion alerts and data reports!

Preprogrammed data downloads
Program the CX5000 Gateway to automatically download data and restart the logger at specified intervals and/or after every temperature alarm.

Always informed, automatically
With the CX5000 Gateway, get automatic email and/or text notifications to alert you to any critical alarms, and receive automated reports after the device downloads a logger.

image of cloud reporting after excursion occurs
Cloud Reporting

Make critical product-disposition decisions quickly to reduce product loss. Flexible, secure reports provide the data you need, when you need it.

Crucial decisions, made on time
Rely on automated reports after an excursion occurs and make effective, timely product-disposition decisions.

Clear, organized reports
Gather data from individual sites – from a local to global level – and build clear, organized reports.

Customized reporting that meets your needs
Create custom automated reports for quality assurance (QA) and regulatory auditing, or to determine the efficiency and functionality of temperature-control equipment.

image of InTemp App for real-time temperature data
InTemp App

View real-time temperature data from in-range loggers and quickly download and send reports to make critical product-disposition decisions.

Easy setup and control
Use the InTemp mobile app to program and start loggers using pre-defined or configurable settings, and download, stop, restart, or continue loggers.

Data you need, where you want it
With the InTemp mobile app you can send data to your cloud account or store it all locally, and easily share data from individual loggers.

CX402 Bluetooth Low Energy Temperature (with Glycol)
CX402 Bluetooth Temperature (with glycol)
CX403 Bluetooth Low Energy Ambient Temperature
CX602 Dry Ice Logger - Single Use
CX5000 Gateway
Real-time alerts, automatic downloads
InTemp App to configure and readout InTemp loggers
InTempConnect cloud-based data warehousing solution