Onset's recalibration program is only available for customers based in the United States.

The InTemp CX400 Logger Recalibration Program is designed to ease the hassle of recalibrating data loggers to meet regulatory requirements.

For $75 USD per unit, Onset will swap your loggers for newly recalibrated loggers, ensuring no downtime for your loggers and no need to keep backup loggers on hand.

How the Program Works:

  • Enter the serial numbers of the InTemp CX400 loggers you wish to have recalibrated
  • The Onset system will confirm the loggers are eligible for recalibration
  • Proceed to checkout and purchase the recalibration service
  • Onset will ship out the recalibrated loggers to your location within one week
  • Install the new loggers in your refrigerators or freezers
  • Ship the old loggers back to Onset using the pre-addressed, prepaid return label provided
  • Once received by Onset, the returned loggers enter a factory-refurbishment process and are placed into the recalibration program stock

Terms and Conditions:

  • The InTemp CX400 Recalibration Program is only available to customers within the United States
  • There is a charge for shipping the recalibrated loggers to the customer location
  • InTemp CX402-Txx units with calibration valid for one year can be returned up to five times (six total years of use)
  • InTemp CX402-VFC units with calibration valid for three years can be returned for calibration once (six total years of use)
  • Loggers must come back in good condition, including:

    • Units must be fully operational
    • Probes must be included and be in good working order, with no cuts or permanent bends
    • Logger body must be free from cracks, major scuffs, and stickers
    • Loggers and probes must be clean
    • Customers must return loggers within 30 days of receiving the replacement loggers
    • Customers who do not return loggers, or return damaged loggers or loggers without probes, will be charged an additional $40 USD

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