Food & Beverage Transportation
Reduce supply chain costs and product spoilage with automated monitoring systems and customizable data analysis
image of cost savings from temperature monitoring solution for food and beverage
Cost Reduction

Create data tags to collect additional information to assess critical shipping and storage factors such as package type, courier performance, etc.

image of automation from temperature monitoring solution for food and beverage

Create shipments with real-time logger status updates, use the CX5000 Gateway to automatically program, start, and download loggers

image of ease-of-use from temperature monitoring solution for food and beverage

Spend less time on setup and daily processes with automated logger controls, data collection, and reporting

image of reporting available for temperature monitoring solution for food and beverage

Create custom reports with just the information you need to quickly analyze environmental data from first to last mile

image of security related to data and reporting

A secure cloud environment and mobile app let you manage your data easily and safely

image CX Gateway and cellphone used to access information in InTempConnect

Create shipments in InTempConnect and let the CX5000 Gateway and cloud take care of the rest!

Easy, accurate location information
Generate origin/destination locations with address-checks powered by Google Maps.

Automatic programming via the CX5000 Gateway, for greater efficiency
Program and start logger at origin/shipping location. Download data and stop/restart/continue the logger at destination.

Reports that keep you in-the-know
Receive automatic data/alarm reports after shipment is complete.

image of using InTemp mobile app to monitor food and beverage shipments
InTemp App

Monitor a shipment in real time using the InTemp mobile app via Bluetooth!

Real-time data monitoring
Check temperatures of shipments, even unopened, when within 100 feet of loggers.

Logger naming to track multiple shipments
Designate unique logger names to quickly identify which loggers belong to which shipment.

In-transit data downloads that keep you informed
Use the InTemp mobile app to download data at waypoints and when critical alarms occur.

Data sharing for those who need to know
Let last-mile customers view data at delivery’s end.

image of accessing data and reports in cloud
Cloud Reporting

Make critical product-disposition decisions quickly and reduce Cold Chain costs, product loss, and inefficiency. Flexible, secure reports provide the data you need, when you need it.

Faster product-disposition decisions
Easily program loggers with stability data for timely decision-making.

Data tagging for essential information
For example, create data tags to identify recurring environmental patterns on shipping routes and determine best packaging to prevent product damage. Or create data tags to monitor courier performance for efficiency. The options are endless!

CX502 Bluetooth Low Energy 90 Day Single-Use Temperature Data Logger
CX503 Bluetooth Low Energy 365 Day Multiple-Use Temperature Data Logger
CX602 Dry Ice Logger - Single Use
CX603 Dry Ice Logger - Multiple Use
CX5000 Gateway
Real-time alerts, automatic downloads
InTemp App to configure and readout InTemp loggers
InTempConnect cloud-based data warehousing solution