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  • Working remotely? Connect with Onset and join us for one or more of these free on-demand webinars to discover our wide range of indoor, outdoor, and water monitoring products, learn best practice tips, and hear about unique customer applications!

  • Message from the Onset President

    Onset continues to monitor the latest coronavirus developments and guidance from local authorities, the Centers for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization.

  • Farmer using MX2200 data logger to track climate fluctuations

    Extreme climate fluctuations can be frustrating, especially if your livelihood depends on the weather. This stress affects farmers all over the world, including Tom Baker, a strawberry grower in Virginia.

  • Black-bellied pangolin tagged with HOBO data logger

    What nocturnal mammal is covered in scales, eats ants and termites, lives in Africa, and is critically endangered?

  • Building a culture of continuous improvement focuses on the improvement responsibility of all employees, and uses the talent of the entire workforce. To support continuous improvement, Onset has proactively trained employees in Lean Six Sigma.  

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